Noyka's Random Rants, Rambles, and Picture Spam

Just the rants and rambles of a 25 (often overly) open Autistic woman. Did I mention there is a lot of pic spam? Because there is. I find a blog I like and reblog everything that catches my eye starting with the last page until I get to the first page :). I tend to mix up what type of blogs I reblog from and like a variety of subjects.

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Anonymous asked: I have no idea why you're so disliked here. Your tastes in imagery are great and even if I don't agree with ALL your opinions, you're very upstanding and seem like a real thinker. <3

Awww, I appreciate it <3 

I’d be worried if everyone who follows me or I followed agreed with everything I said - that’d be really boring. Disagreeing isn’t the problem I have with certain people it’s the level of extremes they go to where they become harmful.

I truly believe most people mean well but get lost and many times they realize looking back, yeah they were right to stand up to me I was a bit out of line. I know coming from that crazy attention whore phase I definitely did.